Saturday, June 9, 2012

Syrian massacres: Who decides?

UNSMIS staff in the Syrian village of Mazraat al-Qubeir conduct a fact-finding mission. Photo: UNSMIS/David Manyua (from United Nation's website)

From the United Nation's website:

After earlier obstructions, UN observers reach reported site of massacre in Syria

8 June 2012 – After earlier obstructions, UN observers today reached the Syrian village of Mazraat al-Qubeir, where a massacre of civilians reportedly took place on Wednesday.
“We found the village empty of its local inhabitants, bmp [tank] tracks on the road, a house damaged from shelling, with a wide range of calibre types and grenades,” said the spokesperson for the UN Supervision in Syria (UNSMIS), Sausan Ghosheh. We found burned homes, and at least one burnt with bodies inside – there was a heavy stench of burned flesh.”
According to media reports, Syrian activists claim that Government troops and militiamen massacred at least 78 villagers in Mazraat al-Qubeir, located near the city of Hama, on Wednesday. The Syrian Government has said the accusations are false.
A group of 25 UNSMIS observers reached the village mid-afternoon on Friday, after having been obstructed in earlier attempts.

Syrian Massacre:  Will the killing be stopped?

The United Nations is a Wimp! 

Tens of thousands of people killed in Syria and it seems no one can figure out what's going on, or do anything about it.  

Who is responsible for killing thousands of civilians? 

Secretary of State Clinton keeps wailing at the situation, but the United States, President Obama at the helm, does nothing. 

Of course, this is nothing new, or specific to Obama. 

The United States picks and chooses when to press the metal. And, yes, the president is commander in chief and he or she is responsible. 

Meanwhile President Obama (and Bush before him) picks and chooses drone attacks killing terrorists or everyday people in various places around the world. 

Who decides whether to stop the slaughter of innocents by the scores, hundreds, thousands or millions at any point in time and any spot on the earth?

Who decides that?

Major-General Robert, Chief Military Observer and Head of Mission of UNSMIS. Photo: UMSMIS/H. Siklawi

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