Friday, May 3, 2013

Underground lyrical poetry music draws folks from around the world

Bondi Beach, Australia surf (photo by Duncan Rawlinson)

As I thought you might be wondering why folks around the world are listening to and liking our new lyrical poetry music, here's where we're most popular and a sampling of comments from folks about our songs. 

In the past week folks from cities around the US and world and talking about our music on Facebook:

Saint Augustine, FL
London, England, United Kingdom          
Cleveland, OH  
Ypsilanti, MI      
Apple Valley, CA              
Saint Louis, MO
Elazıg, Elazig, Turkey
Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Espirito Santo, Brazil  
Omagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom        
Saint Augustine Beach, FL           
San Francisco, CA            
Tietê, São Paulo, Brazil  
Scottsdale, AZ  
Santa Barbara, CA           
New York, NY   
Berlin, Germany
Malibu, CA         
El Paso, TX          
Elgin, IL
Knoxville, TN

Where is our music most popular?  While our underground poetry music isn't drawing tons of folks, people listen from all over the world.  The following are the top countries of fans of our music on our Facebook page (you're welcome to join them):

United States of America
United Kingdom              
New Zealand    
South Africa      

I also want to share with you some of our many listener comments and reviews of our music:

"I continue to be amazed by your remarkable talent and the beautiful artistry of your lyrics. Such a refreshing musical experience! " - Chrystee McCabe, author, journalist, Manhattan

 "A superb song (Woody Blues) and a great salute to Woody Guthrie!" -
Graham Butterfield, #1 Folk Music Artist, Exeter, UK

"When spoken-word merges with music, hip-hop is just one of the ways it can come out. If the poet doesn't go for the verbal athletics of speaking on the beat, his voice becomes incantatory...Mike Marcellino... a show that spoken-word fans shouldn't miss." - Michael Gill, Cleveland Scene

"The pieces depict different parts of New York City from its jarring traffic to its more calming fountains. His (Mike Marcellino's) words incite a sense of dreams embodied by the city: “Flew into New York/ on wings of Peter Pan./Flew into New York/ on wings of Babylon./ Jupiter in the right now/ not as bright,/ on this clear an' quiet night” (Marcellino, “Flatbush”)." - Niya Panamdanam, The Review Review

"West of the Pecos is a masterpiece, the voice, poetry, rhythm and the music. " - Maz Las, journalist, Algeria

 "(Into the nowhere zone) has killer base lines and a tight rhythm groove. The spoken word is spot on. Good work! You caught the spirit of the wave in this one...! - James Owen Sherpard, blues guitarist

 "Very enlightening and extremely creative! You are a brilliant soul! " - Judy Giles, poet, San Diego, CA

 "I listened to your amazing music-lyrics-words,I love it (Taipei subway), great work" - Farid Bitar, poet, New York City

 "Keep up the beautiful work! You are an inspiration to many " - Agata Zak, actor, New York City

"This (The Walls of Fire) lovely and haunting piece of poetry should be a world wide sensation" - Paul Donohoe, writer's review, Tasmania, Australia

"I really like West Of The Pecos: beautiful. There's a tautness to the language, a compression that works well for me in my ears & heart & head. " - Duane Esposito, English professor, poet, NYC

"Mike, not everyday you get sensory poetry from Flatbush to West of the Pecos, with a little bit of Las Cruces thrown in for good measure. Very cool. " - Gordon Basichis, author, Los Angeles

"It's (Alphabet Coffeehouse) wonderful!...Reminds me very much of the East Village and that day." - Rebecca Turner, New Jersey singer songwriter,

 "Wow Mike, I'm mesmerized by your spoken words/poetry with background music. Your body of work here is just stunning. I bow to you in your channeling of the beat poets. " - Eve Paludian, author,