Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Awesome remake

Dear Readers,

Well, time flies. I've been publishing this blog, "The Point of the Whole Thing," since May 2009.  Stories. Poetry. Music. Photography.  We now have several thousands regular readers. I appreciate that a lot.

So, to reward you and future readers, I've redesigned the Blogger blog with a new fresh, clean look, a lot of white space.  I like white space.  New features include a Readers' Poll that will change every week or two.  The first poll asks you to pick your favorite of our poetry song recordings.

Also new on the redesigned blog is a direct link to our Facebook Musician/band Page, affectionately named, "Mike Marcellino." All you have to do is click on "like" on the widget at the top of the blog, or do it when you get to the page.

By liking our band you get to listen to our music for free.  Soon we're offer downloads of tracks and an album of songs for a small fee.  The page has a music player (free to listen just "like" the page) and a link to this blog.  Joining the page also helps our band progress (we're now #19 on the folk music chart in New York City).  If we're going to make it in the music world we need a lot of listeners.

The site remake is continuing so expect more new stuff.

Thanks again,