Friday, July 17, 2009

That Amish cup, a poem

That Amish cup
by mike marcellino

On a late night train, one time, not on time.
"God," i pleaded, give me
a cup of coffee,
with caffeine."

Down a few rows, upfront in the car
of the Lincoln country train

headed for the corn fields of Ioway,
an Amish man, his son and daughter
stood out. Bearded with the straw hat 'n' blue jean overalls.

'Have you seen Witness," i asked sheepishly
smiling, remembering.
"Man that was the greatest
love scene i've ever seen."
"You know, slow dancing in an old barn garage,
next ta that baby blue dream machine."
'Course, dancin, film, ain’t the Amish scene,
But, we do all dream.

"Man, could i go for a cup......"
Before i got the word "coffee" out,
his father had poured me one.

Yes, we do all dream,
witness scenes, played by different actors.
That Amish cup,
love -
richest gift i coulda got.

copyright mike marcellino That Amish cup 2009