Friday, February 10, 2012

"Into the nowhere zone" a new lyrical poetry song

Into the nowhere zone
The Wedge at Newport Beach, one of the world's most treacherous body surfing spots.  Photo by The Wedge Newport Beach Natural History Photography Blog

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Into the nowhere zone 

by Mike Marcellino

On the shore
the raven,
or is it a crow?

A blackbird's
tell tale colors,
purples and blues;
gives away a Starling's
stutter step
at crumbs.
He walks the old splintered planks
floor of the beachcomber,
dating back to seventy-five.

In the air
above the sea
by a crashing wave
perhaps three feet;
nothing like
being in the air
above the sea.

Absent time
absent thoughts
no worry, but the surf -
nirvana after all
in the liquid glass
rainbows over your left shoulder.

Hurricane curls, like dancing girls -
first Irene, then Katia
swells capped off by a wild northeaster
clocking winds over 50 miles per hour
creating havoc on the beach.
Riding faces five or six feet high
wipe outs turn you into a pretzel,
no fear, you can only die.

Atop a cliff of white foam
aqua below, daring
you to take off
flirt with the unknown
deep down;
in that instant
you go
falling into the nowhere zone

Copyright by Mike Marcellino, 2012