Monday, February 8, 2010

A political wild card plays the "war card"

Sarah Palin dazzles the Tea Party
by Mike Marcellino

For these two years now, I've been holding out on expressing an opinion about Sarah Palin, her brand of Alaskan politics, and run for the presidency.  (In fairness some folks in her home state may not want to be included in the Palin revolution.) Now, I'm trying hard to remember her main point in the vice presidential campaign, except that she didn't like McCain "handlers."

Here's the story by John McCormick of Bloomberg on Sara Palin's speech at the Tea Party rally.

Today, it wouldn't have surprised me if Governor Palin had tattooed her palm with the words, "Washington DC," to make sure she didn't wind up in the wrong capital.  What words she wrote on her palm before a speech at the Tea Party rally isn't the main point, though they are revealing.  The point is it suggests she had to remind herself that her choice is whatever it takes to capture the support of the disenchanted and Independents.  Before giving a speech I've jotted notes down on paper or a napkin just in case, but not to remind myself why I was speaking.  I also don't believe in speeches designed to tell people what they want to hear and to make them feel good.  Those speeches tend to ignore or warp the facts, don't get at the truth.

What put me over the top though, wasn't trying to remember whether she needed to be "uplifting" rather than, gee, "depressing" or even "real." 

What put me over the top was using "the war card" in your run for the White House.  Suggesting that President Obama could be reelected only if he used "the war card" by declaring war on Iran, is an incendiary, like throwing gasoline on a smoldering fire.  That there's been little reaction, says the pundits don't take Sarah seriously.  A mistake.  Palin also presupposes that Obama is wrong about everything.

Ms. Palin shows herself to be a "wild card" using the "war card" language.  It's irresponsible and certainly doesn't promote a peaceful solution to Iran's nuclear program and proliferation of nuclear weapons.

I suppose this must be part of brushing up on domestic and international affairs in endless briefings since her first appearance in the national spotlight.  But, is the main thing she has learned looking through political glass that the way to win is to use "the war card"?

Look. I'm as overdosed on politics as usual on Capital Hill rather than statesmanship.  But, would a Tea Party person explain why Sarah Palin is an outsider?  I think most Tea Party people like Palin because she thinks so little of our President Obama.

Yes, Governor Palin, we could use a political revolution.  But, going to war, isn't a card for anyone to play in political games.  

Soldiers go to war, not politicians, and soldiers, their families and friends pay the price.

Whatever you do Sarah, put the "war card" rhetoric back in you desk.  Sign up for a course on the Middle East/South Asia.  A briefing may not work as Iran is 5,000 years old.

copyright by Mike Marcellino 2010