Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear Facebook: Help!

Unplugged, please

Dear Facebook,

I need some help here.  Well, some advice.  Right away.  

I have only 12 hours to go. I'm back in the waves at night noon today. So, please do not forsake me. 

Yesterday, the water was so beautiful -aqua and glassy.  So what if the waves were only a foot or so and the water was still a bit chilly, maybe 66 degrees.  I plunged it.  Started body surfing.  It was wonderful.

Except now my left ear is plugged.  Tried jumping on my left foot and clapping over my ear.  Tried Holding my nose and blowing hard.

It's still plugged and I want to go surfing tomorrow not to the doctors.  No offense but I hate going to doctors.  (I already have eye surgery starring me in the face next month. Ha!  Not seeing worth a damn I can handle, not surfing, sucks.)

Also it will probably take me who knows how long to get an appointment at the VA clinic (Not like it's a shrapnel or bullet wound.)

I haven't done an Internet search yet (but will).

Thought I'd give my Facebook friends a try.  I can't be the first person to get an ear plugged swirling around in a wave.

In any case I am going surfing tomorrow.  At least I won't see or hear the sharks. 

Hey, even if I get no response I have written something.  So much for writers block.  Sun block?

If somebody gives me a remedy that works I will send you a signed, limited edition CD, "Notebook Writer."  

Hey, if nothing else, listen to my music.  Here's the link.  
Try "Bondi beach" - a song about surfing the third most shark infested waters in the world while running away from the Vietnam War. 

I'll never learn. 

Oh, well,

Surf's up!

Mike Marcellino

 Big waves, Bondi Beach, Australia

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