Monday, May 18, 2009

Oklahoma spell, a poem

Oklahoma spell

By Mike Marcellino

With help,

And thanks to Duncan and Bubba

That spell fell on me

In Oklahoma


Clouds filled with mist

Ran through

Tops of Tulsa towers

Only interrupted

By steady rains,


Lost and confused

In Oklahoma,

But twenty some miles

Away from the home

Of Woody the road man,

Touching souls

Caught in the Great Depression

Being replayed in the muck

of the Twenty First Century.

Outside gales of Okie, forty knots

Or more, landlocked,

Finally died down to a soft breeze

Short lived,

Hidden behind our minds,


fickle Sooner winds

assaulting north an east


Sure to return

Cast away from the Gulf and Alberta.

Leaving the Okla homeless

Outta touch

Outta intelligence

Outta certain

Outta cell phone minutes,

in Indian Territory

carved outta

unwanted panhandle parts a Texas

Outta means

a communication.

Way past expiration,

minutes left in Oklahoma.

Copyright Mike Marcellino Spell Oklahoma 2009rain