Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"His (Mike Marcellino) words incite a sense of dreams embodied by the city (New York):"

The Review Review:
Words embody New York dreams

Here's what The Review Review wrote about "Flatbush" and "Alphabet coffeehouse," poetry songs about New York City, written and recorded by Mike Marcellino.

First in poetry is the work of Mike Marcellino: “Alphabet coffeehouse," “Flatbush”, and “Alexander's Strings." The pieces depict different parts of New York City from its jarring traffic to its more calming fountains. His words incite a sense of dreams embodied by the city: “Flew into New York/ on wings of Peter Pan./Flew into New York/ on wings of Babylon./ Jupiter in the right now/ not as bright,/ on this clear an' quiet night” (Marcellino, “Flatbush”).

Here's the link to read the entire review of the BAP Quarterly's New York City issue.  The Review Review website reviews online magazines.

The Review Review

Bosphorus Art Project Quarterly is an online art journal aimed at bringing international artists and writers together. BAP-Q has a theme for each issue and based on the theme, discusses a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, visual arts, literature, theatre, cinema, aesthetics, and social and cultural studies.PAB Quarterly editor in chief is Jennifer Bal.

Here is the link to BAP Quarterly's New York City issue -

BAP Quarterly

To listen to listen to "Flatbush" and "Alphabet Coffeehouse," Mike's New York City songs from BAP Quarterly and other of Mike's poetry songs here's a link to his music site -

Mike Marcellino on ReverbNation

(There is also a music player with Mike's songs at the stop of his blog, "The Point of the Whole Thing.")


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