Monday, December 7, 2009

Pearl Harbor: December 7, 1941

USS Cod 

A memoir: War and remembrance

by Mike Marcellino

I remember December 7, 1941, the day of the Japanese fleet's surprise attack on the U. S. base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in several personal ways, each one I treasure.

I remember friends who served in World War II, some living, most dead... attending Pear Harbor Day ceremonies at the U. S. Naval Reserve Center in Cleveland, representing the city of Cleveland and Congress as Liaison for Veteran and Military Affairs.

Each ceremony was a unique moment in time of war and remembrance.  I remember each occasion over 13 years, sometimes in sunshine, sometimes in snow, looking down from the deck of the USS Cod, the last intact submarine from World War II at wreaths of flowers floating on Lake Erie.

At times, the sunlight would flicker on the waters as the flowers were carried out to sea, a beautiful tribute to those lost at Pearl Harbor.

USS Cod today in Cleveland harbor.


  1. Wow, you have so many memories about this event and seems you knew alot of people who meant and mean a lot to you!

  2. I met a woman who was a child in France during WWII-talking with her was a profound experience for me. Your writing dignifies all those lost from that time.

  3. Thank you Maggie and Jeanine for your words